Mirzapur Season 3 Cast: Everything You Need to Know

Mirzapur Season 3

Introduction to Mirzapur Season 3

Mirzapur, the popular Indian crime thriller web series on Amazon Prime Video, has captured the imagination of audiences globally. With its gripping storyline, intense characters, and nail-biting suspense, the series has become a phenomenon. As we eagerly anticipate Mirzapur Season 3, the cast plays a pivotal role in building excitement and setting the stage for what promises to be another thrilling installment.

Returning Cast Members

Pankaj Tripathi as Akhandanand “Kaleen Bhaiya” Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi’s portrayal of the powerful and ruthless Kaleen Bhaiya has been a cornerstone of the series. His nuanced performance, combining a cold demeanor with a strategic mind, has made him a fan favorite. In Mirzapur Season 3 Cast, we expect Kaleen Bhaiya to navigate new challenges as he consolidates his power and seeks revenge for the betrayals he suffered.

Ali Fazal as Govind “Guddu” Pandit

Ali Fazal’s character Guddu Pandit has undergone significant transformation throughout the series. From a carefree young man to a vengeful force, Guddu’s journey has been marked by tragedy and resilience. Season 3 will see Guddu continuing his quest for vengeance, potentially leading to more intense confrontations with his enemies.

Shweta Tripathi Sharma as Gajgamini “Golu” Gupta

Shweta Tripathi Sharma’s Golu Gupta has evolved from a bookish student to a fierce and determined individual seeking justice. Golu’s character arc has been compelling, and in Season 3, her strategic mind and unyielding spirit are expected to play a crucial role in the unfolding drama.

New Faces in Mirzapur Season 3

Vijay Varma

Vijay Varma, known for his versatile acting, joins the Mirzapur cast in Season 3. Although details about his character are under wraps, his addition promises to bring new dynamics and challenges to the storyline. Varma’s entry is highly anticipated, and fans are eager to see how his character will impact the power struggles in Mirzapur.

Isha Talwar

Isha Talwar’s entry into the series adds another layer of intrigue. Known for her strong performances, Talwar is expected to bring depth to the narrative. Her character’s motivations and alliances will be crucial in shaping the events of Season 3.

Priyanshu Painyuli

Priyanshu Painyuli, celebrated for his impactful roles, joins the ensemble cast of Mirzapur. His character is expected to introduce new conflicts and alliances. Painyuli’s presence is set to add intensity and complexity to the storyline, making Season 3 even more engaging.

Character Arcs and Plot Developments

Kaleen Bhaiya’s Consolidation of Power

Kaleen Bhaiya, despite the setbacks in the previous season, is likely to strategize his return to dominance. His political acumen and ruthless tactics will be central to the power dynamics in Season 3. The alliances he forms and the enemies he eliminates will shape the future of Mirzapur.

Guddu’s Path of Vengeance

Guddu’s quest for revenge remains a driving force in the series. His relentless pursuit of those who wronged him will lead to intense confrontations. Season 3 will explore Guddu’s strategic maneuvers and the alliances he forges in his battle against Kaleen Bhaiya and other adversaries.

Golu’s Evolution

Golu’s transformation from an innocent student to a strategic mastermind continues. Her character’s growth will be pivotal in Season 3, as she navigates the dangerous world of Mirzapur. Golu’s decisions and actions will significantly impact the storyline, adding layers of intrigue and suspense.

Supporting Cast and Their Roles

Rasika Dugal as Beena Tripathi

Rasika Dugal’s portrayal of Beena Tripathi has been marked by complexity and depth. Beena’s character, caught in a web of manipulation and survival, will continue to navigate the treacherous waters of Mirzapur. Her actions and alliances will play a crucial role in the unfolding drama.

Harshita Gaur as Dimpy Pandit

Harshita Gaur’s Dimpy Pandit has faced numerous challenges and losses. In Season 3, Dimpy’s character will likely seek retribution and justice. Her interactions with other key characters will add emotional depth and intensity to the narrative.

Anjum Sharma as Sharad Shukla

Anjum Sharma’s Sharad Shukla, driven by a desire for power and revenge, remains a wildcard in the series. Sharad’s strategic moves and alliances will be significant in the power struggles of Season 3. His character’s ambitions and cunning will add layers of intrigue to the plot.

Anticipated Plot Twists and Surprises

Unexpected Alliances

Season 3 is expected to feature surprising alliances that will shift the power dynamics in Mirzapur. Characters who were once adversaries may join forces, leading to unpredictable twists and turns. These alliances will add complexity and suspense to the storyline.

Betrayals and Power Struggles

Betrayals have been a recurring theme in Mirzapur, and Season 3 will likely continue this trend. Characters will face difficult choices, leading to unexpected betrayals and shifts in loyalty. These power struggles will heighten the tension and drama, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Exploration of Backstories

Season 3 may delve deeper into the backstories of key characters, providing insights into their motivations and past experiences. This exploration will add depth to the narrative and enhance viewers’ understanding of the characters’ actions and decisions.


As we await the release of Mirzapur Season 3, the anticipation for new plot twists, intense confrontations, and character developments continues to build. The returning cast members, along with the introduction of new faces, promise to deliver another captivating season. With power struggles, alliances, and betrayals, Season 3 is set to take the Mirzapur saga to new heights.

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